Ramadan 2020 - Dubai based Medical Frontliner Fasts in Solidarity with Colleagues | Medeor Hospital Dubai

Published on May 2 2020

"I believe this upholds unity and imparts tolerance among communities."


A Dubai-based nurse is setting new standards by fasting while working as frontline healthcare worker during the holy month. For Shini Joseph, fasting is a means to express solidarity with her Muslim colleagues - a ritual which over the years has become a habit.

"I have been in the UAE for the last 11 years and started fasting from my first year itself. At the hospital, most of my colleagues fast during Ramadan. So, I join them in solidarity. I believe this upholds unity and imparts tolerance among communities. During the initial years, fasting meant joining my friends in their religious observance. However, in the past few years, it has become a habit," said Shini, nursing supervisor, Medeor Hospital, Dubai.

Shini praises the UAE's commitment to the values of tolerance and co-existence, which has made a deep impact on her. "Living here for over a decade, the culture and observations of this nation have become an inalienable part of my life."

However, Shini noted that unlike previous years, now the medical staff has to put in long hours of work, which is tiresome and may also become a hindrance in observing fast on all days.

"Due to Covid-19 outbreak, our  workload is huge. I am not sure if I would be able to fast every day. But I am trying to observe fasting on as many days I can."

Courtesy : Khaleej Times