New Covid strain: Go back to school, with caution, say UAE doctors

Published on January 4 2021

Medics in the UAE affirmed that it is safe for children to go back to schools, though they should maintain utmost safety precautions, amid mounting fears about the new Covid-19 strain.


Doctors reiterate that parents should remain calm and ensure that they do not send their children to schools in case they are unwell.


Doctors further averred that if children do not have any co-morbidities, like cardiac problems, and are not immunocompetent, then sending children to school is definitely good for their mental wellbeing.


Doctors emphasised that parent-teacher meetings have a strong role to play in generating greater awareness among the student community.


Vaccination will take a long time to get approval for children, hence use of masks, frequent hand sanitisers and social distancing will remain the three pillars of protecting children.”

Many doctors explained that if a child gets infected and does not show any symptoms, then there are chances that the kid can spread it to the adults at home.

Dr Jamuna Raghuraman, Specialist Paediatrician, Medeor Hospital, Dubai, opined: “The knowledge, attitude, and practices to prevent the spread of Covid-19 are in place in the UAE. Vaccination of adults creates an immune community. Even though children cannot take the vaccine yet, they are going back to a community with higher immunity.”

Source : Khaleej Times