Frontliners give up Eid Celebrations to fight Coronavirus | Medeor Hospital Dubai

Published on May 23 2020

Khaleej Times speaks to frontline heroes who will be working their regular shifts throughout the Eid break.


While most residents will mark Eid Al Fitr with their families at home, several healthcare workers have willingly sacrificed their celebrations and family time, and chosen to be at hospitals, clinics and Covid-19 isolation centres.

Khaleej Times speaks to three such frontline heroes who will be working their regular shifts throughout the Eid holidays so that the rest of the country can stay safe.

Hafis Alavi, 29, registered nurse, emergency department at Medeor Hospital

Hafis Alavi has been a UAE resident for two years. He has been treating Covid-19 patients since the start of the pandemic and not even the occasion of Eid Al Fitr has deterred him from his duty.

Alavi, a 29-year-old Indian national, spends about 14 hours in PPE. He has even spent the entire holy month of Ramadan fasting as well. "On some days, even though I'd break the fast at Iftar, I would only eat a meal at 12am," he said.

Alavi's responsibility includes receiving patients, sampling their tests and administering medicines. "Once they (patients) are out of the critical stage, we move them to the hospital rooms," he said.

Luckily for Alavi, his entire family is back home in Kerala. "I'm living here as a bachelor, so my family is safe," he added. "I consider myself very fortunate that I'm still healthy and have not had any issues," said Alavi.

He is going to be working on the occasion of Eid this year. "It is my duty to work, it is an oath I took," he added. Alavi was hoping to fly home for Eid this year as it has been a year since he saw his family. "It is an extraordinary time for humanity. We are needed now more than ever," he added.

Courtesy : Khaleej Times