First symptoms of fever, cold, cough must be promptly addressed, say UAE doctors

Published on March 4 2021

Residents must seek immediate medical attention at the first sign of respiratory distress symptoms, even when they have only developed minor symptoms or are quarantining at home after exposure to a COVID-19 patient.

Prompt medical assessment will reduce COVID-19 complications and fatalities, doctors have said.

“Early detection of new cases and their contacts is an important and effective weapon in limiting the spread of the virus, and thus reducing complications and deaths. [And] early COVID-19 treatment continues to speeding the healing process, and reduces the possibility of developing complications leading to intensive care admissions or deaths,” Dr Farida Al Hosani, UAE government spokesperson for the health sector, explained during a government briefing.


Doctors said they have come across residents who have avoided going to the doctor for at least a week after developing symptoms.

“We see patients who come to the hospital a week or more after they had started manifesting the symptoms. This delay in consulting a doctor might worsen the condition of the person, because COVID-19 patients are likely to develop severe symptoms such as pneumonia and other complications. Recovery might also take a longer time, and some people might require oxygen or ventilator support,” said Dr. Mohamed Shafeeq, internal medicine specialist at Medeor Hospital.

Source : Gulf News