Be extra-careful

Dr Vishnu Chaitanya Swaroopa Sura, specialist internal medicine at Medeor Hospital–Dubai, said everyone must be extra-cautious and vigilant when outside their homes.


She said: “Although UAE is one of the foremost countries in testing, tracing and treating COVID-19 infected patients in the world, it is too early for us to believe that we are completely out of risk. We must be extra-cautious and vigilant while venturing out for jobs and other activities.”

Everyone should be a responsible person, she pointed out.

“The government categorically emphasises that social distancing norms must be followed. This is crucial in reducing the spread of the virus. Young children, particularly those below 12 and elderly people above 60, must not venture out at any cost. They must continue to stay home unless it is very essential,” she explained.

Dr Vishnu also advised everyone to wear face masks and sanitise their hands regularly, particularly those taking public transport.

“Even at the office, social distancing norms should be practised to the possible extent. One must disinfect the workspace dutifully and must be mindful of maintaining a safe distance while having interactions with colleagues. Also, we have to be responsible while sneezing or coughing. We must always cover our mouth and nose and should not use our hands,” she added.


“Most of the infected patients show mild symptoms or the majority of them are asymptomatic. We witness similar cases in hospitals daily. This means that even a person seemingly healthy can be infected and can transmit the disease. So, we must not sidestep in taking precautions wherever we go,” she continued.

Furthermore, people should not throw masks and gloves irresponsibly or reuse those meant for one-time use. Those going to the gym or the cinema must avoid touching any surfaces unnecessarily. It is the responsibility of every individual to stay safe and keep others safe from infections,” Dr Vishnu added.