Do not dump face mask on road | Medeor Hospital Dubai

Published on May 25 2020

Single use for safety

Dr Saheer Sainalabdeen, specialist pulmonologist, Medeor Hospital-Dubai, told Gulf News: “Ideally the surgical mask and N-95 should not be reused. This is the guideline given by the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There are reusable N-95 respirators - but these are minly used by people who work in factories or by firefighters. Hand-made masks can be reused but not surgical and general N-95.

“Face masks should not be thrown here and there - they carry germs - and when someone comes in contact with them, there is a chance of transmission of virus. There is also a chance of aerosolisation (production of airborne particles) or small amount of virus passed on in the air,” he added.

Dr Saheer Sainalabdeen


Dr Sainalabdeen underscored the need to dispose off the mask properly. “When removing your mask, first wash your hands so as not to pass the germs from your hands to your face. Take off the mask, fold it into a small roll, cover with tissue, then throw in a bin with lid,” he explained.

Courtesy : Gulf News