Covid-19: Delayed care can take a heavy toll on patients

Published on March 4 2021

Delayed care is being widely highlighted during the Covid-19 pandemic by UAE doctors, as they reiterate that not seeking timely medical attention leads to dire health consequences.

Any type of foregone care results in severe Covid-19 cases and even untimely deaths, medics underlined.

Dr Ponnusamy Tamilvedan, specialist internal medicine, Medeor Hospital, Dubai, said: “It has been found that many patients come to the hospital to test for Covid-19 after a few days or even weeks after they have started manifesting the symptoms. This is a dangerous trend. Delay in consulting a doctor or taking a Covid-19 test might turn disastrous. Infected individuals could spread the disease to their contacts, some of whom might be in the high-risk group. Also, delay in getting the right treatment at the right time might worsen the condition of the person.”

“In the case of Covid-19, it has been found that some people develop lung infections and might require oxygen or ventilator support. This can be avoided if the person seeks medical help on time," added Dr Tamilvedan.


Covid-19 fatalities are now a lot higher than annual deaths from most other diseases, globally.

They are also much higher than any short-term infectious-disease outbreak since the 1918 influenza pandemic.

In the UAE, doctors contended that while rapid tests are being done to identify cases, many Covid-19 positive patients were procrastinating treatment.

Source : Khaleej Times