Children of Frontline Workers Coping with Stress | Medeor Hospital Dubai

Published on May 10 2020

Dubai: While frontline healthcare workers wage their daily battle against coronavirus, the forgotten heroes of the battle are their children. Seeing their parents after 12 hours or more and even after a couple of days, not being able to hug their mum or dad is the new normal in the COVID-19 era.

“I have to discard all my breast milk as I can't risk giving it to my child.” Anumol Joseph

A registered nurse at the Medeor Hospital, Dubai, Anumol Joseph is a new mother with a six month old child, Ephraim, who now spends most of his time with his grandmother. “I have socially distanced myself from my child and it is heart breaking,” she said. “Two months ago, I was breast feeding him. I used to express breast milk and leave it in bottles for my son. But now, I cannot do that, working in the COVID-19 ward, I just express and discard the milk as I cannot risk giving it to my child. Only after I have washed, sanitised and changed, then I breast feed him and hold him for a few minutes. It is so difficult for me to keep him away as he now recognises me. But for most of the time, Baby Ephraim stays with mom in a separate room.”

Courtesy : Gulf News