Children care a lot about the planet, says survey

Published on September 4 2021

Adults will learn a lot from children too and one aspect concerns the environment which has become synonymous with climate change.

This has been reflected at a May 28 to June 6, 2021 survey across 13 countries which include the UAE, revealing that children from six to 12 years old, are indeed aware of what is happening around them – for this matter – nature and the environment.

On Wednesday, Medeor Hospital (Dubai) paediatric specialist Dr. Jamuna Raghuraman not only commented on the research results, saying they were “very interesting” and that the respondents “are quite committed to what they feel about the environment.”  She also said: “Young minds actively grasp information from their (surroundings). They not only see and learn. They also assess. Some (even) have strong opinions. So listening to them and supporting their views are important.”

The May 28 to June 6, 2021 survey covered the UK (500), South Africa (300), Turkey (350), UAE (125), Germany (500), France (500), Italy (500), Poland (500), Benelux or Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (150), Romania (200), and Czech Republic (499) for a total of 4,124 participants.

Part of the WarnerMedia-Europe/Middle East/Africa Cartoon Network “Climate Champions Campaign,” Vanessa Brookman who heads the Kids Department, on Wednesday, said: “Our intention was to help us understand how aware kids are about climate change because of our campaign that is intended to raise awareness amongst kids about the importance of being environmentally friendly.”

Of the 4,124 children, 470 (94 per cent of 500) in the UK and 111 (89 per cent of 125) in the UAE have been discovered to “have high awareness of climate change.” Their counterparts in Turkey and Italy, 333 (95 per cent of 350) and 450 (90 per cent of 500) respectively,”consider climate change as among top three important topics,” according to Brookman.

Gulf Today checked on the dedicated portal for the campaign and found out that among the Cartoon Network Climate Champions is a 10-year-old girl from the UAE, who, like other children from other countries such as Portugal, Pakistan, Ghana and the UK.

“The planet gave us life. The planet provides us with materials in order to survive. It gives us fresh air to breathe. If kids only take a shower and not take a bath, less water would be used. I want to be an animal rescuer when I grow up,” said the 10-year-old Dubai resident Anastasia in the video, which also features the huge water dispenser her parents bought after she was able to convince them as the substitute for the numerous one-litre water bottles they regularly purchased.

Source : Gulf Today