Dr. Anil Magdum

Dr. Anil Magdum

Specialist Gynecologist Gynecological Endoscopic Surgeon

Qualifications: MBBS, DGO, DNB (Ob Gyn), Fellowship Minimal Access Pelvic Surgery, Fellowship Gyn Oncology

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi & Marathi


Professional Experience:

·         Gynecological endoscopic and oncological surgeries since 2009

·         Consultant Gyn endoscopic Surgeon, Currae Group of Hospitals, Mumbai. India

·         Consultant Gyn Endoscopic Surgeon, Sunrise Group of Hospitals, Mumbai, Cochin, Delhi. India


Professional Associations:

•         Member Federation Ob Gyn Societies of India (FOGSI)

•         Member Endometriosis Society India.

•         Member Association of Gyn Oncologists of India (AGOI)


Clinical Expertise and Management:

·         Outpatient Gynecology Consultations

·         Office hysteroscopy for evaluation and treatment of infertility, abnormal uterine bleeding, intrauterine adhesions, intrauterine polyps, misplaced intrauterine device

·         Laparoscopic total or subtotal hysterectomy for abnormal uterine bleeding, fibroids, endometriosis

·         Emergency laparoscopy procedures for ectopic pregnancy (tubal and other), torsion of ovary and/or fallopian tube, inversion of uterus

·         Laparoscopic creation of neovagina for absent vagina, severe narrowing of vagina

·         Laparoscopic Trans Abdominal Cerclage (TAC) nonpregnant uterus for repeated pregnancy losses in second trimester

·         Laparoscopic Trans Abdominal Cerclage (TAC) pregnant uterus up to 24 weeks

·         Laparoscopic uterus preserving surgery for adenomyosis and severe endometriosis involving ovary, rectovagina, ureter

·         Laparoscopic surgery with and without mesh for prolapse of Uterus, Vagina

·         Laparoscopic repair of fistula of bladder, vagina, ureter

·         Uterus preserving laparoscopic surgery for fibroids

·         Ovary preserving laparoscopic surgery for ovarian cysts

·         Hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgeries for blocked, fallopian tubes, reversal of tubal ligation, tubal cannulation

·         Day care and inpatient hysteroscopy procedures for intrauterine fibroids, polyps, intrauterine adhesions, uterine septum

·         Vaginal surgeries for prolapse of uterus and vagina