Veins Treatment
Veins Treatment


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The veins within our bodies are responsible for carrying blood towards the heart by means of a one-way valve. In case the vein becomes weak or the valve becomes faulty, the valve will continue to stretch and no longer close properly. In the long term, this can cause visibly swollen veins as the blood doesn’t flow properly. Apart from swelling, it leads to enlargement, pain, blood clots, discoloration and sores that simply do not heal. The enlarged veins are commonly known as spider or varicose veins and the condition requires adequate treatment by a trusted specialist. If you are suffering from this painful condition, then make sure that you book an appointment with an expert at Medeor Hospital today!


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The team at Medeor Hospital takes pride in its dedicated vein clinic that has gained an excellent reputation for delivering top notch treatment to those suffering from this condition. We boast of a team of highly qualified and experienced experts who have the knowledge required to determine the different types of varicose veins, and then provide adequate treatment for the condition.

Upon visiting our facility, our specialists will conduct a detailed examination of your current condition in order to provide a thorough and accurate diagnosis. This is basically meant to help our specialists formulate efficient treatment plans to deliver the best results and take your pain away. So if you need to seek varicose veins treatment in Dubai, then there’s one name out there that you can trust – Medeor Hospital.


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