Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Orthopaedics in Dubai

The musculoskeletal system is the framework that provides structure, support, stability and movement to the rest of the body. It must remain strong in order to maintain structure to the whole framework. It comprises the different cartilages, ligaments, bones, and muscles. Without the framework provided by this system, the body will not be able to move, produce accurate and controlled movements, or maintain body position.

Given this, it is important to keep the skeleton, the muscles, and all the other parts of the system in good health. Here at Medeor, we understand the importance of maintaining a strong musculoskeletal system. As such, we have developed a medical department that is designed to attend to the specialized needs of the bones, muscles, and other tissue in the system through specialized orthopaedics.

An Experienced Team of Specialists in Orthopaedics in Dubai

The Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Department of the Medeor Hospital offers a unique blend of customized service modalities so that the team can offer the right treatment to each patient. This helps us in our efforts towards maintaining the highest quality of care and adhering to the standards of operational excellence that have been set for our daily practice.

Comprehensive Range of Orthopaedics Treatment Options

We offer a range of medical and therapeutic healthcare services and orthopaedic treatments designed to target a specific area of the musculoskeletal system, including:

  • Arthroscopic surgery for various joints such as knees, shoulders, and hip joints

  • Replacement of knee and hip joints

  • Reconstructive surgery for knee, ankle, and shoulder joints

  • Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

  • Surgery for repair of damaged cartilage

  • Pediatric and adult trauma management

With our team of specialized orthopaedics looking after you, you can rest assured that any kind of therapy or surgery you will be undergoing will be done under the watchful eyes of experienced professionals. To find out more about our facilities, capabilities, and expertise, contact us today. We can guide you throughout the process, and illustrate each stage of any therapy or approach.

Dr. Emad Aziz Tawfik

Dr. Anurag Sapolia

Dr. Manjunatha Ganiga Srinivasaiah

Dr. Khalid Alhamadi

Dr. Mahesh Vidhani