Nephrology is a branch of medicine that deals with kidney diseases, its diagnosis and treatment. It emphasizes on the importance of the protection of kidney health, and the treatment of kidney disease including appropriate diet and medication.

Diagnose at early stage

Kidney disease remains silent without showing any symptoms when it's at an early stage. This is because the body is able to perform normal even where there is a significant reduction in kidney function. In most of the cases, kidney disease is diagnosed in a routine health check- up for another condition, such as a blood or urine test. Early diagnosis helps in treating the condition with proper medication and regular monitoring tests.

Diagnosis at advanced stage

A number of symptoms can develop if kidney disease is not found early or it gets worse despite treatment. Don’t ignore the alarming symptoms:

  • loss and poor appetite

  • water retention in body resulting in swollen ankles and arms

  • Breathing difficulty

  • Blood in the urine

  • Increased urge to pass urine at night

  • Itchy skin

  • Muscle cramps

  • Headaches

  • Erectile dysfunction in men


Services offered:

  • Prevention and Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Prevention and Progression of Diabetic Kidney Disease

  • Diagnosis and Management of Proteinuria

  • Diagnosis and Management Primary Glomerular Diseases

  • Diagnosis and Management of Secondary Glomerular Diseases like SLE

  • Use of Biologicals in Kidney Disease

  • Secondary Hypertension

  • Consultation and Management of End Stage Kidney Disease

  • Follow up of Kidney Transplant Patients

  • Treatment for Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

  • Medical Management of Kidney Stones


Holiday Dialysis at Medeor Hospital Dubai

Medeor Hospital Dubai provides advanced technology for dialysis whilst you are on your holidays. Your dream vacation in the UAE with our committed medical services can easily come true without bothering about dialysis care with added warmth of hospitality.

We provide quality service and treatment and abide by highest international standards; as a result, Medeor Hospital Dubai is felicitated with several appreciations for seamless patient satisfaction & quality.

If you are a patient who needs to undergo regular dialysis, whether travelling for business or pleasure to the UAE, the Kidney Care Dialysis Unit at Medeor Hospital Dubai has got you covered.

Our dialysis unit provide dialysis in private cubicles, ensuring personalised attention and care. We also provide dialysis in isolation when required. We are equipped to provide dialysis for chronic and acute patients.


For further information and dialysis bookings please contact:

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Services Offered

●      Hemodialysis for acute and chronic renal failure

●      Renal biopsy

●      Creation of vascular access in form of double lumen

Medeor Hospital Dubai is operational 24/7 to take care of all the patients across the spectrum

As per your convenience, you can book your dialysis session as convenient to your holiday schedule.

As soon as you arrive to our hospital, you will find a warm welcome by our staff who will render you guidance and advice on everything you might need. While treated at the dialysis unit, you may select whether to enjoy watching TV, listen to music while reading, or even browse the internet using our ADSL/Wi-Fi free services.


Services Offered

We provide dialysis sessions at 7-30AM, 12-30PM and 5-30PM, Saturday to Thursday. You can book in advance by specifying the time and day of dialysis, please specify if you are negative for Hepatitis B, C or HIV or not. Once confirmed you can sent us a copy of the dialysis report and Hep B, C and HIV reports (performed within 1 month of arrival here)

Dr. Paulose P Thomas