Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine

Medeor hospital has successfully managed to bring together a diverse set of skills and expertise to create what surely is the best team in the UAE for Internal Medicine.

This team will be engaged in providing effective diagnoses to complement the needs of our clinical specialists, in order to deliver healthcare of international standards to all patients.

Services Offered:

  • Management of chronic metabolic disorders, Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, endocrinal disorders

  • Management of infective disorders and autoimmune disorders

  • Comprehensive medical screening and wellness clinic

  • Travel vaccinations

  • Premarital counseling and screening

  • HIV  counseling and care

  • Nutritional disorders early detection and treatment

    Management of Respiratory illnesses


Dr. Mohamed Shafeeq

Dr. Vishnu Chaitanya Swaroopa Sura

Dr. Ponnusamy Tamilvendan