Nephrology Hypertension

Hypertension Treatment

A survey by the Dubai Health Authority in March 2014 revealed that hypertension is largely prevalent among adult Emiratis. According to the survey, 40.8 per cent of all adult Emiratis aged 35 to 70 are affected by this health condition, matching statistics worldwide. The danger of this health condition is it can go unnoticed throughout a long period of time, as it does not exhibit any visible symptoms.

How to Prevent Hypertension

While the effects of this condition can be deadly, there are simple ways to avoid it. Living a healthy life, reducing sodium intake, becoming more active, and consuming more fruits and vegetables every day can help reduce the risk of hypertension. Lifestyle changes help significantly in preventing the onset of hypertension. However, the onset of hypertension requires a more direct, more specified kind of approach. That is why we have developed a myriad of methods for hypertension treatment to address the health needs of our patients.

Specialised Hypertension Treatment

Here at Medeor, we take hypertension treatment very seriously. We understand the implications and dangers of this condition, and we take great care in prescribing the most appropriate medications and treatments to our patients. We will develop a treatment plan depending on your condition (primary or secondary high blood pressure), and we will take into consideration the cause of your case, whether suspected or known.

If your case is that of the secondary nature, one of the potential actions we will take is determine the medicine that is causing the increase in your BP, and change it with another. On the other hand, if your condition is diagnosed as of the primary nature, we will develop a treatment plant that includes specific lifestyle changes and nutritional plans.

Conditions vary according to the age of the patient, as is the medication we prescribe to curb the effects of the health problem. For patients below 55 years old, we generally offer an angiotensin-converting-enzyme (ACE) inhibitor, which causes the blood vessels to relax and the blood volume to decrease, allowing for a lower blood pressure. On the other hand, for patients aged 55 and up, a calcium channel blocker is often offered.

By looking at your specific case, we will create a plan that is specially designed to help you deal with your condition.