Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychologist in Medeor Hospital, Dubai

Clinical psychology is the specialty that provides continuing and comprehensive mental and behavioral health care for individuals and families; groups and communities and research-based practice. They use the science of psychology to diagnose, treat, and prevent complex human problems and bring about change & resilience.

Mind is a complex phenomenon which can simply be put in numbers. Possessed by one – you. Put between two- the right and wrong leave a lot of the third – gray. Affected by a million reasons. The sum total of your thoughts, emotions and feelings, it needs attention when it takes a tangent. When you don’t fully understand its ways you need a help of one who has spent time in understanding it better – a professional. Seeking help to have a sane mind helps you lead a life with smiles.


The scope of Medeor Clinical Psychology services:  

The Department of Clinical Psychology is firmly committed to the ethos of providing holistic treatments that acknowledge the complex interplay between mental and physical health, and the particular issues involved in living in UAE. It follows internationally accepted guidelines and offers evidence-based treatment interventions for the promotion of positive mental health.

The 'Clinical Psychology clinic’, is a training, treatment and research clinic, which offers a broad range of psychological treatment and psychometric assessment services for adults, adolescents, children and families. Our team has the expertise and skills in managing the wide spectrum of mental health problems faced by individuals: Common adult concerns include anxiety, depression, substance abuse/addictive behaviors, marital issues and sexual dysfunctions.


We offer top-notch specialty care for your budding child

 At our Children & Adolescent Clinic, we believe in providing specialized care and individualized attention for your growing child – (from infancy to late teens).

Many parents have apprehensions about their child’s emotional development or behavior. Some common problems include disruptive & oppositional behavior, aggression, anxiety and mood problems, attention deficit and learning problems, and social difficulties. When problems are apparent, clinical psychologist can play a useful role in providing treatment in various forms, including parenting strategies, family therapy, and individual/group-based skills-building programs for children, or simply reliable information.

Our services are extended to conduct soft skill training programs for teachers and counselors. We offer awareness programs, seminars, lectures and workshops on various clinical and social issues to empower and enhance skills among women, children, adolescents and adults to achieve their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


   Assessment for ADHD/ learning difficulties/ Autism available in our Children and Adolescent Clinic