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Scientific breakthroughs in the twentieth century have pushed the envelope of what science and medicine can do to help improve the overall quality of living. From advancements and discoveries in human genetics to innovations in the field of pharmaceutics, studies and research are advancing what humanity can achieve through the wonders of science. According to research, life expectancy today for similar income levels have increased by 25 per cent as compared to life expectancy in the 1900s.

The rapid development of the medical care industry has led to the promotion of better health amongst a wider range of social groups – better healthcare methods are being developed, new medicines are being discovered, technological advancements are equipping medical facilities with better means to maintain a clean, sanitary environment for patients.

The best quality healthcare at one of the premium hospitals in Karama, Dubai

Here at Medeor, our goal is to provide our patients with the highest quality medical care services today. As such, we have spared no expense in creating the most holistic and well-rounded ecosystem for helping patients achieve better health and a higher quality of life. Through the most advanced, most trusted methods for medical care, we have established ourselves as one of the leading hospitals in Dubai today.

Being a well-established private hospital in Dubai, we have some of the most well-renowned medical experts and physicians in-house, ready to attend to your health needs. Unlike other hospitals in Karama, Dubai, we have established an international patient centre that is designed to accommodate all the needs of our international clientele. The level of service you can expect from the best hospital in Dubai, you can expect from Medeor, at affordable and accessible rates.

A private hospital that offers personalized care, catering to your needs

When you come to us, a dedicated staff member will attend to you and identify your medical requirements, including the potential patient’s state of health. After building a comprehensive patient profile, we will then proceed to create a personalised health plan for the patient, which will comprise a detailed description of every aspect of the treatment.

We understand that international patients often have a limited time period to work with, so we develop a unique, customised approach that takes into account the time and financial constraints of our clients.

Being one of the well-equipped hospitals in Dubai, we have physicians for a wide range of health areas, including: Being one of the well-equipped hospitals in Dubai, we have physicians for a wide range of health areas, including:

So whether you are looking for a paediatrician, dermatologist, urologist, gynaecologist, or a neurologist, you can count on Medeor to have the best physicians in the city today. We won’t go so far as calling ourselves the best hospital in Dubai, but we can assure you that you will get the best treatment from us, whatever your condition.

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