Registered Nurse-Emergency Department

Location: Dubai Department: Nurses Date: 14/02/2017 Ref. MHD-JD-RN-ER

We are seeking for qualified individual for the position of Registered Nurse-Emergency Department.

Assesses patients and observes responses to interventions; notifies physician accordingly and completes documentation in a timely manner.
? Performs tasks and duties within the scope of knowledge, skills and experience required for the job and as deemed competent. Verbalizes situations where competency level may not be adequate and seeks assistance.
? Prioritizes nursing care and identifies plans of care based on the individual needs of the patient.
? Initiates and performs a range of nursing measures based on patient needs relative to physical and mental comfort, positioning, hygiene, nutrition and hydration, elimination, skin integrity, and respiratory; documenting them as well as patient reaction to interventions.
? Administers and documents medications, infusions, narcotics and control drugs as per policy.
? Provides nursing care, patient support, and patient/family teaching according to accepted Nursing standards, approved competencies, nursing policies and procedures.
? Prepares and explains procedures to parents/relatives; assembles required equipment, supplies and instruments; then assists physicians with a variety of approved procedures.
? Collaborates with physicians and other members of the healthcare team.
? Recognizes emergency situations and responds quickly to noticeable changes in a patient's condition by initiating appropriate nursing measures that may include BLS and mobilizing emergency response protocols and notifies physicians. Nurses assigned to the Code Blue team will perform duties according to Code Blue policy.
Acts as part of a nursing care team by fulfilling own duties, seeking assistance when needed,
willingly helping out others, guiding new staff, communicating effectively with physicians and allied health professionals, and working to maintain good interpersonal relations.
? Anticipates commonly understood untoward situations, sets priorities, and assesses ability to handle assignments. Exercises good judgment in handling issues, seeking assistance if needed.
? Assists in the provision of a safe patient and staff-working environment by being alert to safety issues and reports/documents on appropriate form, any hazards, unusual incidents, or unsafe conditions to the appropriate supervisor or department head and keeps own manager informed.
? Utilizes equipment, supplies and medications in a cost-effective, responsible manner and reports malfunction, loss or misuse to immediate supervisor.
? Responsible for on-going professional development through identifying own learning needs, seeking educational opportunities, using available audio-visual aids, reading materials, attending workshops, taking advantage of educational opportunities, remaining current on Nursing standards , and helping provide in-services to colleagues.
? Assists in the orientation of new staff by being a helpful colleague and, if assigned, assuming the preceptor role.
? Demonstrates respect for the cultural differences and actively seeks to improve knowledge about those differences and the implications for provision of care.
? When in charge, adapts to changing work situations by adjusting staff assignment and/or seeking assistance through the Nursing Supervisor.
? Participates in Nursing Performance Improvement Programs. May be assigned as a member of the Patient Safety Committee or as a Link Nurse.
? “Floats” to other areas in the hospital as required and skill competency level dictates.
? Communicates pertinent information following the chain of command.
? Supports financial and revenue requirements of the hospital by accurately providing supporting documentation in a timely manner to facilitate insurance claims.
? Participates in collection of data for statistical and communication reports.
? Performs any other tasks and duties appropriate to his/her realm of knowledge, skills and experience as required by the employer for example assuming the role of team leader for a shift.
? Reports any suspected abuse to the appropriate agencies.
? Displays professionalism while completing multiple urgent tasks in a timely manner.
? Documentation of patient information, assessment and medication administration in patient’s EMR.
Implements triage protocols through the utilization of the Canadian Triage System to prioritize patients.
? Maintains skills and expertise to participate as a member of the Code Blue Team.
? Maintains skills and expertise to participate as a member of the Ambulance Response Team.
? Uses Closed Loop Communication techniques in urgent and emergent situations.
? Demonstrates skill and confidence during urgent and emergent situations.
Participate in departmental Quality Improvement and patient safety programs.
? Attend planned in house quality improvements & patient safety trainings.
? Understand, comply and participate in hospital wide Quality, Risk management, safety, infection prevention program.
? Understand and fully comply with Regulatory and accreditation bodies requirements.
? Report any Occurrence Variance in during duty timings.
? Any other work assigned by the In Charge/HOD.


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